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1.What is 3Adeal.com?

3Adeal.com is an exclusive online E-commerce portal for purchasing and selling unlisted Stocks/Securities online. India's first ever e commerce portal to trade in unlisted/unquoted stocks/securities.

2.What instruments you can buy and sell @ 3Adeal.com?

At 3Adeal.com we can buy and sell Unlisted, Delisted, Rarely Traded and Regional Stock Exchange shares and all type of Bonds in physical & demat form.

3.What are unlisted /unquoted securities?

Securities which are not listed or traded on any stock exchanges across India and which are delisted from the exchanges.

4.What is high volume deal grid on Home Page of 3Adeal.com?

High Volume Deal Grid Consists of those unlisted scripts which have high quantity/value of shares for those investors who wish to purchase bulk quantity and with just a click.

5.What is popular equity/ debenture/bonds and preference shares grid on Home Page of 3Adeal.com?

Popular equity/ debenture/bonds and preference shares on homepage contains those scripts which are actively traded in unlisted market .Due to its popularity in arena of unlisted market these stocks/scripts maybe out of stock sometime

6.What is lot size?

The quantity of units that are offered for sale or purchase. Eg: In case of BSE Ltd Quantity available for purchase is 100 in all, But if a vendor decides to sell it in smaller lot of 10 means as a buyer we can purchase in multiple of 10 only i.e Total Quantity= 100 if my lot size is 10 No of shares available for purchase = multiple of 10.

7.Who can sell and buy securities?

Any individual, institution, etc. can purchase and sell securities held in their own name.

8.Whom shall we contact for any queries? Method of contacting?

On 3Adeal.com for any queries you can use following facilities:

  1. Online chat facility
  2. Comment panel on each product page
  3. Mobile & Whatsapp – 09867572101 / 09987204585

For further details view: http://3adeal.com/contact-us2/

9.In How many Days Will a Buyer who has bought Securities from 3Adeal.com receive Shares? How?

Buyer will be delivered securities in accordance with the applicable law. Delivery period of securities in physical and demat form will be same as mentioned above. Shares will be transferred only in the name of person from whose account 3Adeal.com has received consideration amount. For More details: http://3adeal.com/miscellaneous-policies/

10.Can/Does 3Adeal.com provide assistance and consultancy service regarding portfolio and script rates?

No 3Adeal.com only provides a platform for buyer and seller to buy and sell unlisted /unquoted securities as per their rate discretion and does not provide assistance , consultancy or regulate the same. More details: http://3adeal.com/legal/

11.How to buy shares and how to sell?

Refer for Selling Shares: http://3adeal.com/how-to-sell-your-securities/

Buying Shares: http://3adeal.com/how-to-buy-securities-online/

12.Can we purchase share without registration?

No you cannot purchase shares without registration on 3Adeal.com. The registration should be done either by signing up at 3Adeal.com as buyer or at the time of purchasing shares. Start Purchasing on Click : http://3adeal.com/login/

13.How to sell after we have created a buy with us account?

On creating a buy with us account, Buyer will have an option in their panel to apply for vendor account; on clicking for the same they will be able to sell their share online after filling the registration details.

14.Can we buy securities after opening a vendor account? If yes, then how?

Yes. A vendor can purchase securities on 3Adeal.com. The Vendor just needs to login through "Buy With Us" using the same login id and password that you have used for sell with us.

15.What is the procedure to buy other seller stocks?

Read for details: http://3adeal.com/how-to-buy-other-seller-stocks/

16.What if the name of company, I searched for is not found? Where can I upload comments for the same?

At the time of uploading scripts in your vendor store , in case a particular company name does not appear you will find a "New company Request" panel where you can upload your company's details and submit the same.Officials of 3Adeal.com will check the details about your given company and revert accordingly.

17.How will I know that my request for selling shares has been approved?

Once our officials approve the share details the Vendor has uploaded for sale , Vendor will receive an email for the same on their respective Email ID regarding approval or disapproval with the reason for the same.

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