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Payment Policy

Payment to vendor will be made in offline mode within 7 days from the date of transfer of securities.

Buyer will have to make payment through payment gateway by using any of the following facility.

  • 1.Net Banking
  • 2.Cheque/Demand Draft/Pay Order - on Delivery

At the time of buying securities buyer will have to make sure that he uses his/her own bank account or net banking card for making payment for buying securities.

It will always be presumed that buyer uses his/her own bank account for purchasing securities from 3ADEAL.COM.

Buyer will be allowed to make part payment up to 10% – 15% if total consideration amount exceeds INR 10 lacs. However, for lower consideration amount, management may practice its discretion on same.

Balance payment shall be made within a period of 7 (seven) working days, failing which 3A Group shall be at complete discretion to deal with the unpaid shares and buyer shall not be entitled for any refund of the payment.

It is explicitly agreed between the Parties that only after receival of full payment towards the shares, entire lot shall be transferred to the buyer.

Delivery of Shares

Buyer will be delivered securities in accordance with the applicable law.Delivery period of securities in physical and demat form will be same as mentioned above.Shares will be transferred only in the name of person from whose account we receive consideration amount.


Physical shares purchased from 3ADEAL.COM should be lodged for transfer with respective Company in accordance with the applicable law. 3A Group does not take any kind of legal or financial responsibility for the purchased shares in dispute.

Any objection raised for securities which are lodged for transfer with Company then we will support to clear objection, if any, raised within 3 months

Securities posted on 3ADEAL.COM which belongs to Dormant/ Vanished/ Liquidated/ Under-liquidation Company then 3ADEAL.COM and its associates will not be responsible for getting securities transferred in the name of buyer. Buyers discretion is sought in dealing with Dormant/ Vanished/ Liquidated/ Under-liquidation Company. However, 3ADEAL.COM will exhibit all information of Company on its portal as reflected on website of Ministry of Corporate Governance (www.mca.goc.in) with all errors and omissions.

In case of any objections received by buyer in relation to transfer of shares, buyer shall be responsible to provide a copy of courier slip for transfer of shares and only after authentication of the proof is confirmed by the concerned person of 3A Group, the case shall be entertained on case to case basis.

Record Date/ Book Closure

Any Record date fixed by company for giving effect to any corporate action such as Dividend declaration, Splitting of Securities, Consolidation of Securities, Bonus issue or Rights issue of securities and such Record date for any corporate action falling within the period of transfer of securities or on date of selling securities or on date of purchase of securities will be given effect as per provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and rules made there under and any other applicable Laws in force.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Vendor

Vendor shall be entitled to cancel the securities placed on the portal for selling, unless the said securities are not confirmed by any buyer, otherwise the seller shall be penalized with an amount of Rs. 5,000/- or 1% of the total value of the securities placed on the portal for selling, whichever is higher.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Buyer

Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel the order placed for buying the securities available on portal for selling, once the buyer gives confirmation for buying the said securities and in any case Vendor cancel the deal with no mistake of the buyer, buyer shall be refunded with full amount paid by the buyer.

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