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Mysore Paper Mills

Mysore Paper Mills Ltd


Mysore Paper Mills Ltd

Face Value 10
ISIN No INE924F01012

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ID Face Value Quantity Rate Amount Mode Minimum Lot Size  
1010420 10 2000 Rs 20.00 Rs 40,000.00 Rs Listed Demat 1000
1010461 10 3000 Rs 25.00 Rs 75,000.00 Rs Listed Demat 1000

Company Information

Mysore Paper Mills Limited Unlisted Shares

Board of Directors:


: Sri. Dr. Ramana Reddy

Chief Operating Officer

: Sri. B. P. Ravindranath

Chief Finance Officer

: Sri. Balachandra Guttal

Company Secretary

: Sri. Mohan D Kulkarni


The Mysore Paper Mills Limited, (MPM) founded by Sri.Krishnaraja Wodeyar Bahadur in 1937 the Maharaja of erstwhile Mysore State was incorporated on 20th May 1936. While Government of Karnataka holds 65% of the shareholding of the Company, IDBI and other Financial Institutions hold 18% of the shares and shareholding by the General Public is 17%. The company is managed by eminent Board of Directors consisting of IAS, IFS and other professionals.

Company Highlights

a) The company has a huge area of land. Around 800 acres of freehold land and 20,000 ha of forest lease land.

b) The Government of Karnataka (GoK) has renewed and extended their forest land lease for another 40 years.

c) The GoK has also decided to lease out its mill operations to a third party through which it will generate rental income.

d) The company has settled a significant percentage of its debt through a One Time Settlement as of the nine months ended December 2021. As a result, their finance costs will be reduced in the future.

Registered Office:

16/4, Ali Asker Road, Bengaluru - 560 052


: 1936


: https://mpm.karnataka.gov.in/english


: cs@mpm.co.in


: L99999KA1936SGC000173


: INE924F01012


: Paper


: 10


: 64.74%

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