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How to sell your Securities?

How to sell your Securities?

3A Deal.com is your one-stop destination, where you can sell unquoted shares & securities online in simple steps, just by uploading all necessary details , getting counter order , delivering as agreed and receiving timely payment from us.

How to go about step by step:

Step 1 : Fill your vendor registration form by clicking on "Sell With Us" Tab option

Step 2 : We will verify your registration request and give you a Login ID and Password through E-Mail and SMS.

Step 3: Login with the user ID & Password in your Vendor Store.

Step 4 : Provide details of securities details you wish to sell on our portal by filling your Personal details , Banks details , Demat details. Upload image of your share certificate / demat statement/ demat transaction slip and accept all terms and conditions for the smooth processing of transaction.

Step 5 : On receiving your details as mentioned in Step 4 , 3A deal.com will verify your details . After final verification & communication through call and email, your order to sell securities will be approved and uploaded on website.

Step 6 : Once a buyer confirms to buy your product you will get a confirmation via E-Mail & SMS

Step 7 : Our Staff members shall collect Securities from your place as scheduled providing you an invoice copy in case of physical shares and in case of demat shares it has to be transferred to our demat account.

Step 8: After proper verification of the shares received, we will be dispatch them to the buyer in case of physical securities and in case of demat it will be transferred to buyer's demat account.

Step 9 : Buyer will Confirm the receipt of securities and Accept the order

Step 10 : Payment will be made to the vendor in bank details provided. The payment will be made to vendor within 2 to 30 working days.

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