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Unlisted Shares & Securities

COMPANY NAME Rate Mode Total Value Action
AB Corp Limited Rs 8 Demat Rs 514000 View Details
Amol Minechem Ltd (Amol Dicalite Limited) Rs 530 Demat Rs 26500 View Details
Ankita Pratisthan Limited Rs 6500 Demat Rs 3900000 View Details
Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited Rs 128 Demat Rs 778900 View Details
Assam Carbon Products Ltd Rs 130 Demat Rs 12900 View Details
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Limited Rs 780 Demat Rs 39000 View Details
Bharat Hotels Limited Rs 160 Demat Rs 87680 View Details
Bharat Nidhi Limited Rs 11500 Demat Rs 582998 View Details
Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited (CSE) Rs 1210 Demat Rs 275570 View Details
Capital Small Finance Bank Limited Rs 240 Demat Rs 36000 View Details
Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited Rs 250 Demat Rs 12500 View Details
Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd (CSK) Rs 32 Demat Rs 167516 View Details
Epiroc Mining India Limited Rs 1300 Demat Rs 19500 View Details
FINO PayTech Limited Rs 112 Demat Rs 285150 View Details
Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited Rs 62 Demat Rs 329000 View Details
Frick India Limited Rs 2900 Demat Rs 1182000 View Details
G G Automotive Gears Ltd Rs 28 Demat Rs 155600 View Details
HDB Financial Services Limited Rs 752 Demat Rs 1563160 View Details
HDFC Securities Limited Rs 7400 Demat Rs 44400 View Details
Hero FinCorp Limited Rs 812 Demat Rs 737340 View Details
Hindusthan Engineering & Industries Limited (HEIL) Rs 123 Demat Rs 25400 View Details
India Carbon Limited (ICL) Rs 700 Demat Rs 1525600 View Details
Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd (ICEX) Rs 10 Demat Rs 15576000 View Details
Indofil Industries Limited Rs 720 Demat Rs 866400 View Details
Kurlon Enterprise Limited Rs 820 Demat Rs 83200 View Details
Merino Industries Limited Rs 1600 Demat Rs 83500 View Details
Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited (MSEI) Rs 1.25 Demat Rs 51900 View Details
Midland Rubber & Produce Co Limited Rs 4700 Demat Rs 19000 View Details
Mohan Meakin Limited Rs 625 Demat Rs 25150 View Details
Nayara Energy Ltd (formerly Essar Oil) Rs 127 Demat Rs 7820 View Details
Nazara Technologies Limited Rs 510 Demat Rs 40800 View Details
One97 Communication Ltd (Paytm) Rs 13350 Demat Rs 1514000 View Details
Otis Elevator Company India Ltd Rs 3700 Demat Rs 75280 View Details
Philips India Limited Rs 640 Demat Rs 32470 View Details
Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Ltd Rs 188 Demat Rs 5880 View Details
Reliance Retail Limited Currently, there are no shares available with us for this scrip. For further details contact on 1800 209 2929 / 02267809990 / 09867572101 / 09987204585
Resins & Plastics Limited Rs 270 Demat Rs 28040 View Details
Ring Plus Aqua Limited Rs 290 Demat Rs 146800 View Details
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited (RTUL) Rs 118 Demat Rs 138400 View Details
Roots MultiClean Limited Rs 2600 Demat Rs 5274800 View Details
Sicom Limited Rs 100 Demat Rs 1654950 View Details
Signify Innovations India Limited (Philips Lighting) Rs 540 Demat Rs 54000 View Details
Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited Rs 5.5 Demat Rs 77000 View Details
SMC Global Securities Ltd Rs 73 Demat Rs 42200 View Details
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited Rs 265 Demat Rs 141140 View Details
Syngenta India Ltd Rs 2395 Demat Rs 241764 View Details
T Stanes & Company Limited Rs 550 Demat Rs 282980 View Details
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited (TMB) Rs 385 Demat Rs 35250 View Details
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd (UTI AMC) Rs 1000 Demat Rs 2479900 View Details
Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited (Utkarsh Micro Finance Limited) Rs 208 Demat Rs 10400 View Details
Webfil Limited Rs 65 Demat Rs 195000 View Details